The heads of the National Library of Iberianamerica who attended the XII General Assembly of ABINIA (Iberianamerican States's Association for the Development of the Nationals Libraries of Iberianamerica), that was celebrated in Lisbon, Portugal, from 17th until 19th october , 2001, decided the following:

Taking in consideration the high humanist and cultural point of view of our mission, the general objects of the own Association and of the international institutions like the UNESCO.

Taking in consideration the damaged international situation, the growing dangers which threaten the world peace and the comprehension and cooperation among the men and women in all part of the world, we are conscious what it means for the education , the patrimony and the cultural heritage, therefore we issue and sign the present Declaration of Lisbon.

  1. We express our unconditional position against the terrorism, even which it were the form, belief or ideology, for considering its prejudicial impact to the humanity and to the cultural and patrimonial goods, in consequence most of the 80 disappeared libraries are an valuable testimony from the ruins of the World Trade Center in New York City, because of the attacks of the last 11th september.

  2. We refuse the use of the violence as recurs for resolve the internationals discussions and we affirm that only the dialog could be to replace the balance and the peace among the nations, making conditions for the collaboration between the mankind and the advantages of the culture.

  3. We consider inadmissible and refuse as an grave attack against the deeply essences of the mankind and the society , any damage against the cultural heritage of the humanity, and very specially against the libraries, archives, museums, monuments and any patrimonial collections. Also we appeal with vehemence to the international community, in particular to the professionals of the information and the culture , as well as to theirs organizations, in order to joining efforts to avoid the repetition of such regrettable facts.

  4. We compromise together to intensify our work to growing the culture and educational level of our people and of all humanity , working in order to reveal one culture of the peace among all people in the earth, under the spirit proclaimed by the UNESCO.
    During the serious happened events , we were encouraged and strengthened by our deeply conviction in the present Declaration and also by the reopening of the Alexandrine Library, in Egypte, as one perpetual symbol of the culture and knowledge, as well as the conviction on the victory of the learning and the peace over the wars and the disasters. By the way, we remember what a personality of our region said: " To be cult is the only way to be free, and to be kind is the only way of being happy" .(José Martí)

Dated in Lisbon City, Portugal on 19th October, in 2001.

Heads of Nationals Libraries who attended the Meeting of ABINIA in Lisboa.

Yamilette Solano Navarro - National Library of Costa Rica
Gonzalo Catalán Bertoni - National Library of Chile
Nitzia arrante - National Library of Panamá
Andrés I.Mateo - National Library of Dominican Republic
Ramón A. Budet R. - Library 's System University Puerto Rico
Sinesio López - National Library of Peru
Vicente Quirarte - National Library of Mexico
Manlio Argueta - National Library of El Salvador
Josefina Delgado - National Library of Argentina
Carlos Reis - National Library of Portugal
Eliades Ignacio Acosta M. - National Library "José Martí", Cuba
Celia Zaher - National Library of Brazil